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Patient Survey Results


Q1) Are you male or female?


Male: 77    Female: 123










Q2) How old are you?




























                                                           What do you consider your ethnic group to be?

























Q4) Have you seen a Doctor or Nurse in the past 12 months at the Surgery?








Q5) The last time you saw or spoke to the DOCTOR from the surgery how good was that doctor for each of the following:





























Q6)  Which of the following methods would you prefer to use to book an appointment at the surgery?




























Q7) How easy was it to get an urgent appointment with a Doctor or Nurse on the same day as you were ill?


































Q8)  How easy is it to book routine or follow up appointment with a Doctor, Nurse or Health Care Assistant several weeks in advance?



































Q9) How helpful do you find our staff at the main Reception Desk?































Q10) In the reception area, can other patients overhear when you want to say something in the private to the receptionist?








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