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Patient Survey Results report 2015/2016

How do you feel about our Doctors and Nurses?

Question 4: Who have you seen at the Surgery?

Question 5: The last time you saw or spoke to a Doctor from the surgery, how good was that Doctor at each of the following?

Question 6: The last time you saw or spoke to a Nurse from the surgery, how good was that Nurse at each of the following?

Question 9: Which of the following methods would you prefer to use to book an appointment at the surgery?

Question 10: We have made changes to the telephone system. Are you aware of these?

Question 11: How did you hear about the changes?

Question 12:In the last 6 months how easy have you founf getting the following:?

Question 18: How helpful do you find our staff at the main Reception desk?


Question 19: In the reception area, can other patients over hear when you want to say something in private to a receptionist?

Question 20: Did you know you can order repeat medication electronically  through Patient access?

Question 21: Have you used this function?

Question 22: If no, would you be interested in using this service?

About you?

Question 1: Are you Male or Female?

How old are you?

Question 3: What do you consider your ethnic group to be

If you receive a questionnaire, please fill it in and send/hand it back as soon as you can.

It is really important that we hear your views, even if you have received a questionnaire like this before.  Your response will help us to improve the service we provide for patients

Male Female Age Who Doc Quest Nurse Treat

Waiting Time

Question 7: During your most recent visit did you see the doctor within 15 minutes of your appointment time?


Urgent Appointment

Question 8: How did you find getting an urgent appointment?

Appointment Tel Sys hear MA

Question 13: We have made changes to to the appointment system. Are you aware?


Question 14: If yes, how did you find out?


Question 15: Are you satisfied with the new appointment system?


Question 16: Did you know that you can book appointment electronically through ?


Question 17: Have you ever used electronic booking ?


Question 17: If no, would you be interested in using electronic booking ?

interes recep mind script use ep interested

Question 23: Do you know about automated check-in?


Question 24: Do you like using automated check-in system?


Question 26: In the last 12 months have you used any of the following?


Question 27: Have you ever used the Hub?


Question 26: Are you aware of the Hub service?


Question 28: If yes, how did you find the service?

Question 29: Would you use the Hub again?


Booking Appointments

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